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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Three are the sorts of platonic love:
First: When the person loves and does not know that is loved in return. The presence of the loved person is enough, living in a state of grace, with sunny days, delightfully happy only for seeing the loved person;
Second: The loved person knows that is corresponded, despising that one who loves platonically. At this very moment, the life becomes a living hell, causing disillusionment, depression, corroding the entrails little by little for being extremely toxic;
Third: Two people love each other platonically, but because an act of cowardice of one or both of them, they become unhappy when their love did not turn into a real thing.
Soon I will write a chapter for one of these three sorts of platonic love. At least someone has passed or is passing through one of them.
See you soon!
 Kátia Paes